My Experiences With Skynet…er I mean Windows 10

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of millions of Mac users cry out, “Windows 10 is Skynet!” Right before the missiles are launched and we all die.

In all seriousness I downloaded Microsoft’s new OS Windows 10. Over all I’d say my experience with Windows 10 has been fantastic. The interface is very user-friendly and everything is responsive.

As much as I love this OS, I stress you don’t get Windows 10 for at least a month. I ran into a few bugs and things that don’t work as well as their supposed to. After a bit of trouble shooting I’ve straightened things out.

At first my graphic drivers we’re outdated and kept crashing. After updating it, it was back in perfect working order. Then my sound randomly stopped working. After restarting it, however, it was working. It’s happened twice since and there doesn’t same to be any fix.

That said Windows 10 comes with some great features people will surely enjoy. First the start menu has made its return. I’ll be honest I didn’t mind start in Windows 8 and 8.1. Others minded though.

Integrated into the start menu, and most other places it Cortana. Cortana is your new personal assistant in Windows 10. Some features advertised for Cortana aren’t usable yet. I found she couldn’t take notes, and using Cortana to write an email is near impossible. That said I spent an hour having her tell me jokes. So It’s not all bad.

As I use Windows 10 more I’ll be sure to write more reviews. For now I’m completely in love with Windows 10 and have no plans on switching back to Windows 8.1. I give Windows 10 4 stars. It’d be 5 if all the features they promised we’re ready, but hey what can you do?


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